Gregoria from Cheshunt:

Sweet & sour pork recipe I made this recipe very early one morning whist my little boy was still asleep, so simple, so fuss free I have since continue to make this in the mornings before my day begins and I love the feeling of knowing that the main meal of the day is cooked by 9am. What’s great about this recipe is that my husband and I eat it too so there is no need to cook a separate meal. I’m very conscience about what I feed my son therefore all his meals have always been homemade, what’s great about this recipe is that he is familiar with all the flavours and the delicate way the recipe allows me to combine these flavours means he eats the entire portion I put in front of him. I would definitely recommend this recipe to any mum!

Moussaka I would have normally been a little sceptical about putting a plate of moussaka in front of my 2 year old in fear of him picking out the ‘green’ bits. However when I began preparing the ingredients I soon realised this would not be the case, in fact it had the opposite effect on my son. He was intrigued at this new meal I had put in front of him and he devoured it all. Once again what I love about this recipe is that I feel happy that vegetables where included and best of all, eaten.

Banana loaf & Muffins One rainy afternoon, I was thinking, what could my son and I do together that would be educational, not take too long (as any mum knows what a 2 year olds attention span is like) and that we could both see an end product….I dug out this recipe (because most of the ingredients were in my store cupboard anyway) found some bananas which I had tucked in the back of my freezer and with my son on his step/stool we began making the loaf. It was fab, it didn’t take long at all, he loved the entire process and best of all he enjoyed eating it because he helped make it. Baking is now one of our favourite things to do together; we have also worked our way through the muffin recipe- this is another simple one, easy to make for unexpected visitors!
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